Initial Session Information
The first session is generally an intake where I ask a new client a wide range of questions. This session is a means of getting an idea of who someone is and, how I may be of help, and whether we feel we can build a strong working relationship together. If the fit doesn’t feel right, then the client will have the the option to ask for referrals, or I may make suggestions for a different treatment approach. The fee for this intake is $275 and the appointment lasts 75-90 minutes.

On-going Therapy And Fee Information
After the intake, standard session length for individuals is 45-minutes and for couple/family therapy is 60-minutes. Sessions for individuals are $150 per 45-minute session or $195 per 60-minute session. Sessions for couple/family therapy are $200 per 60-minute session.

Clients may opt for longer sessions. Fees will be pro-rated accordingly. Information about longer session times and fees can be found on the Forms page within the applicable intake forms. Agreements about session length or frequency, and payment amount and method, are discussed prior to our first session and then discussed more fully during intake.

Payment Information
I operate on a “fee-for-service” model, meaning I ask clients to pay me at the beginning of each session. Cash, check or credit card is accepted. I then provide a detailed monthly receipt for my clients’ record keeping. I am in-network with Duke Student Insurance. Members of this plan are only responsible for annual deductible and copay per session.

Please Note: I am NOT a Medicare provider. This means that Medicare/Medicaid will not make any reimbursement for my services to you (either as primary or secondary). For clarification see the contract on the 10th page in my Adult Intake Forms packet (under the link to “Forms”). This must be signed in order for me to provide services to you.

Insurance Information
I do not participate on managed care insurance panels (other than student plan listed above). However, my services are reimbursable through most health insurances as an “out-of-network provider”, meaning if a client files a claim, the insurance company will reimburse the client directly. Almost all modern insurance policies have out-of-network benefits. Most will reimburse 60 – 80% of costs (I cannot guarantee this) after fulfilling a deductible. In North Carolina, insurance companies are required to reimburse you within a set number of days. Please check with your insurance company prior to scheduling. Ask your insurance company about their “out-of-network coverage”, yearly deductible, percentage they will reimburse, and whether a prior authorization is needed.

If you are NOT filing insurance, a limited number of scholarship slots are provided and can be discussed based on needs and availability. I cannot guarantee availability but am happy to discuss.